Cinetta and David
July 2, 2005

My Sons David and Thomas Feliciano with Minister

Dana Owens (a.k.a Queen Latifah)

Dana, Her Mom and Her Nephew

Dana Checks Her Mom's Face; Her Niece and Nephew Watch

Dana Cleans Her Mom's Teeth; Her Niece and Nephew Watch

Dancing Queens on Stage

Amanda with Pink Balloon and White Ribbon in Hair; Celeena with Pink Balloon and Basket

Amanda Waiting for the Music

Amanda in the Middle; Celeena on Right Side

After the Dancing

The Dancing Queens Check Their Toes - Celeena is on Right

Amanda Exhausted

Mr. & Mrs. Cut the Cake

Dana Lines Up Front and Center

Dana Sneaks Up

Co-Catchers Share the Prize

The Grand-Kids

Front Row: Iris; Amanda; David (me); Celeena
Back Row: Laurisa, Elyse; David 3rd (only Grand-Son); Chervone; Ashley
(The Triplet Great-Grand-Kids Stayed Home: Paris Tyiece; Chloe London; Donald Paul Jr.)

The Feliciano Clan

Front Row: Iris; Amanda; David (me); Celeena;
(Four Kids, Belonging to Relatives and Friends, Wanted to be in Photo)
Back Row: Thomas; Mercedes; Laurisa; Elyse; Chervone; David Jr.; Ashley; David 3rd; Debra; Lizzette
All Family Members Present Except Triplet Great-Grand-Kids

Dancing with New Daughter Cinetta

David Dances With His Daughter Ashley

Dana with My Grand-Daughter Chervone (Mother of Triplets)

Dana and Iris' Youngest Brother Fred

My Grand-Daughters and David's Daughters Ashley and Chervone